Uummannaq is found in the middle of the sprawling Uummannaq Fjord on a very small island that is dominated by the massive Mt Uummannaq. The mountain rules the fjord and can be seen from Illorsuit, 60 miles to the north. Homes line the barren rock and cliffs of the island with the harbor as the hub of the town’s activities. Many of the 1,242 residents gain their income from fishing while there are a number of community and government related service jobs that provide employment.

The settlement of Uummannaq was the doorway into Illorsuit for Kent. As the district’s shipping hub, Kent first arrived in Uummannaq in 1931 along with all of his supplies. The building materials for his home arrived in Uummannaq shortly after Kent’s arrival. Much to Kent’s displeasure the supplies came without the precious and needed nails for the home he would build in Illorsuit.