Well, people in Sisimiut they're very proud of being Greenlanders and some of them joke and say this is the largest city in Greenland, because Nuuk is just Danish.” Described by Olafur Rafnar Olafssona photographer and eskimologist now working as a destination manager for Arctic Circle Business in Sisimiut.

Olafur’s quote says something of the pride and energy that the people of Sisimiut demonstrate. Located about 150 miles north of Nuuk, just inside the arctic circle Sisimiut is the second largest city in Greenland with 5,539 residents according to the 2016 edition of Greenland Statistics. It is a vibrant fishing community with the Royal Greenland company operating a large factory processing shrimp and cod.

Kent came to Sisimiut for a short time to meet with his wife Francis. He spent time in the town managers home and photographed the people and landscape of the community. His landscape photographs are a descriptive document of the town and harbor of 1932 Sisimiut. His portraits are usually of a single person posing for the camera near the managers home.